Lawyer for accident

Lawyer for accident cases

Anyone can have an accident. The consequences of these cases can be different: in one case, a person will get off with fright, in the other-a deplorable outcome. The causes of accidents vary. Some are generated from the human factor, others do not depend on the person at all.

Need a lawyer

Asking friends, the parents found a lawyer-a former investigator of the Prosecutor’s office, who had many cases of investigation of accidents and incidents and had a good reputation. After consultation with the lawyer and negotiations, we concluded an agreement with him on the provision of legal assistance and the terms of payment for the lawyer. The lawyer started a lawyer’s investigation.

Inspection of the scene

The relatives of the victims brought the lawyer to the scene and showed the situation. A lawyer photographed the area, to get a picture of an electricity pylon, measured the distance between the supports, determine the approximate height of supports, location of supports. At the scene were sawdust from the tree that had been left after the end of the traverse was cut down, remaining on the support at the top.

The end of the traverse, which remained at the site of the fault on the support, was cut down by police officers during the inspection of the scene and attached it to the inspection materials as evidence. The lawyer, just in case, collected in envelope sawdust, as well as found chips.

Familiarization with the inspection materials

The next step of the lawyer was to familiarize himself with the inspection materials in order to assess the quality and completeness of the pre-investigation check. To do this, the lawyer submitted an application to the investigator for familiarization with the inspection materials.

The lawyer familiarized with the materials of the check by using technical means, namely, photographed all the materials. During the review, I also reviewed the removed pieces of the traverse. There were no signs of arson or fresh scratches on the examined pieces of the traverse.

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