Advice from an auto lawyer

How to get advice from an auto lawyer?

Car lawyers provide advice on a variety of issues. Drivers actively use the support of professionals in the event of atypical categories of cases. Given the common causes of complaints, you can make a list of the most popular areas of car consultations.

Bringing the culprit to criminal responsibility

If the victim became a participant in an accident, as a result of which the driver or passengers were seriously injured, the culprit must be convicted according to the Criminal code of the Federation. Articles 264 and 264.1 regulate that the term “grave consequences” also includes a lethal outcome. Car lawyers often face similar situations and can provide expert assistance at any stage of the proceedings.

Disputes over insurance

A competent specialist will provide compensation to an innocent driver in a variety of incidents related to insurance policies CASCO and CTP.

High-quality legal advice involves an individual approach to each client. Specialists study the details of the case in detail, which allows you to find the most profitable solution for the driver and provide competent assistance.

Free consultation of an auto lawyer by phone around the clock

If the owner of the vehicle does not have the opportunity to ask a question to an auto lawyer via the Internet, he can call the dispatch service. The consultation received in the course of communication with an employee of the company will be identical in both forms of treatment. The expert will take into account the facts indicated by the driver and analyze the possible outcomes of the case.

However, the telephone appeal has one drawback: the motorist is not able to remember all the circumstances of the incident. When filling out the online form, the owner of the vehicle can reflect on the submitted questions for some time in a calm environment.

To get the most out of a phone conversation, you need to prepare for it.

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