Choosing the right lawyer

How to choose the right lawyer?

A lawyer is an excessively broad concept that unites all people who carry out professional activities in the field of law, from judges, prosecutors, and notaries, to lawyers, corporate and private lawyers.

What do you need to know when choosing a lawyer?

First, when choosing a lawyer, you must understand that they differ from each other by industry. A particular branch of law is so complex and diverse that each lawyer is usually a specialist in only one branch. A tax specialist is most likely unlikely to help you with the issue of family law. Yes, he can try, and his basic education and skill in law will help to understand the problem, but he will always lose to a lawyer who specializes in family law. It is better not to hire a specialist in criminal law to solve legal issues in the field of economic law, as well as Vice versa.

Secondly, lawyers have differences depending on the tasks.

Sales lawyers are usually either specialists with a superficial knowledge of many branches of law, or experienced veterans who have retired from business. Their task at the first stage of working with a potential client is to give General advice, give an understanding of the prospects of the case and conclude a contract for the provision of legal services. Such lawyers are not engaged in the implementation of projects themselves, but transfer the “black” work to other specialists, and therefore, everything that he said to the client at the conclusion of the contract may differ from the real situation.

Choosing the right lawyer

The first thing to look at when choosing a lawyer is the number of tasks that will be assigned to him. If a company or entrepreneur has a regular relationship, for example, every month concludes ten or more new, atypical contracts, has systematic disputes with creditors or debtors, regularly participates in at least five lawsuits, then, in this case, there is a need to consider hiring a permanent lawyer or attracting a law firm to outsource.

If these are one-time, including long-term processes that do not occur regularly, then it is definitely not worth spending money on a full-time lawyer. It is much easier and cheaper to contact a law firm once and develop a form of a particular contract, then work with the specified document according to the template or transfer a particular problem to support.

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